Facebook Memories / Finding Myself

So today my Facebook memories brought up a picture(below), from 3 years ago. Generally speaking, I don’t like the Facebook memories feature, mostly because it always brings up embarrassing, childish or weird things that I posted in the past that I would rather just sweep under the carpet. This time they actually brought up a good memory. It was a time when I decided to become a new woman, and I have never been the same since.


When this picture was taken, I had just come from what you would call a rebirth LOL. Prior to this, I had left home with the hopes of finding myself, because Vancouver was just not working for me anymore. I was frustrated with everything, and had frustrated all the people that I love, and love me.


To find myself, I made the journey to Calgary because I thought going there would change everything, not realizing that I had taken what I was running from with me to Calgary. God, was it COLD!! It took me the whole winter, and a few tears here and there to realize that I was just running from myself. How do you run from yourself??? The best thing though, was that I learned to face and own up to my problems and finding ways to fix them.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Memories / Finding Myself

  1. I think that everyone has to finally come to that realization at some point in their life. Then like they say, we must look inside if we are to find any worthwhile answers. Thank you for sharing, it’s nice to know that others have the same experience as I do.


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