Ways to Style a White T-shirt

From Basic to Chic – Styling Blue Jeans and a White T-shirt

Outfit Details: Necklace Fuliru Jewelry, White t-shirt H&M, Blue Jeans H&M, Shoes H&M, Faux Leather Jacket ZARA, Bag  Callitspring

The first fashion post is dedicated to styling white t-shirts. I wanted to start off with a simple staple that everyone has in their closet. Everyone has a white t-shirt in their closet, and if not then you definitely have a black one, which is a good substituted for the white t-shirt. Watch out for 4 more posts on how to style your white t-shirt for different occasions. I will show you how i style a white t-shirt for a simple outing in a few days.

White t-shirts are generally underestimated on how to style them and where you can where them. I believe that you can were white t-shirts anywhere as long as you style and accessorize them properly. Adding accessories always helps in changing the look from basic to chick in a few minutes.




In this first post, I styled the white t-shirt with other closet basics that everyone woman, and man should have, blue jeans and a simple (faux) leather jacket. As I was just going to the library and running other errands, I didn’t want it to be to much, so I just added a silver statement necklace. Although the design of the necklace is bold, when put against the white background, it sought of just blends, but still adds an edge to the classic white t-shirt and blue jean outfit.


To finish off the outfit, added some simple booties and a classic black tort bag that carries all the junk that I throw in it for a day of running errands. The next post for styling the white t-shirt will be a fun simple outing outfit, again styles around basics in everyone’s closet.


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