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The Comfort in Comfort Zones

COMFORT ZONE IMAGE 4.jpgAfter my last post on Dealing with Commitment Issues, I chatted with an old friend of mine who reminded me of the big goals and dreams we had for our future once a upon a time in elementary school. Now we seem to have just settled into comfort zones, shrinking our dreams and goals to fit reality everyday. Why is it actually called comfort zone, when it is not even comfortable? I mean, we always know that we want and need more or different from what is right now, so why is it called a comfort zone?

The elementary school days now seem to have been the best days, because nothing was impossible then. I don’t even remember the world feeling as big as it seems to be nowadays and things seeming to be so impossible even in my own fantasies. Maybe it was because I had not seen the world. I don’t know where all those big dreams and the feeling of wanting to pursue my goals and dreams fully without any reservations, without scaling them down to fit ‘reality’. I want to say that maybe life happened and changed all that, but deep down I KNOW THAT I HAPPENED.


It would be easy to sit here and blame societal pressures as the reason we choose to let go of our dreams and goals but we know that is not true. For me it is FEAR! It is my own fear that has killed all the big dreams and goals i had for the future, that is the best possible explanation I can come up with. When we were younger, we just bounced back and worked harder every time something didn’t go our way. As adults we nurse the pain and somewhere deep down, we hide and bury the pain we have felt from past failed attempts, so when we think of trying again, this pain comes back to life and paralyzes us into not doing anything, into playing it safe, into being content with our comfort zone.

COMFORT ZONE IMAGE.jpgSo how do we achieve our goals and dreams when we feel trapped and paralyzed by fear of failure and sometimes even, fear of success. I say we just grab our lives by the balls and go for it. No mater how excruciatingly painful it is. Use that pain and fear that you have to move and do something. If your comfort zone is not so comfortable now, it probably won’t be any more comfortable tomorrow. Isn’t that scarier, that, that is all your life is and will ever be. Plan more for what is to come, do more training so you feel more prepared, but ACT. Take action towards what you want. Whatever comes will come, but at least you will be LIVING your life on your terms, the way you want to live it.

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