Meet my Sisters

Life with Sisters

I have 3 sisters and it does get complicated when  i try to explain which one i am taking about. So for this article i will introduce my sisters and if you still want me to elaborate on who is who, let me know and we will look into arm twisting them into making a video introduction instead. You will need to know which sister i am talking about in future articles when talk about my sisters.


14615605_1711486412507267_1736217007010701391_o.jpgMicheline is the sister who is right after me. We are very similar yet different in many ways. I am older than her by about 1 year and few months. She was lucky enough to have me as her roommate for about 18 years of our lives, and all other privileges younger sisters enjoy from their older sisters like stealing clothes and shoes, to never being blamed for anything because they are younger. The simplest way i describe her is someone who is brave and courageous enough to do all the things i wish i heard the balls to do. She is very supportive to everyone in our family, she can be vengeful, but is very light heart-ted. Physically, she is tall from drinking all of my mother’s breast-milk that i was kind enough to leave her, which explains why i am a few inched shorter than her. All in all, she is very intelligent,energetic, supportive, and gorgeous with a little dash of crazy that is expected in everyone.


12339442_1653342791589177_5613935871440003385_oEsther is about 6 years younger than i am,  and i think she is somehow similar to me. I feel like all the life crisis she goes through, i have been through. She is the second to last born child in our family but she chooses to act a like a grown up. I swear sometime she is more mature than i am LOL! Esther is  organized and methodical in the way she does things. She h17354920_1511060725593089_675017837_n.jpgas really high expectations of herself and she is always striving towards them. Up to now, i still cant decide if she is very nosy, or people feel comfortable opening up to her. If you want any updates on what is happening in the family, she is the one to call. She is also very responsible and resourceful. We always called her maid-next-door when we were younger because she would do anyone’s chores for money. Till today, Esther’s income every month is paid by our family members because she does some kind side job for everyone.



Florence is the baby of the family. While we had each other to grow up with, she kind of grew up as the only baby in the house. It has kind of created a little non-existed distance between us because we are at different stages in life. We are still close, but it is just different, because sometimes i just don’t get what she is going on about. Describing her is kind of difficult, because she is a teenager, if that doesnโ€™t say it all. She is always different and her mood swings are off the chart, but for the moment we will blame it all on teenage-hood. She is very kind though, and probably the most active and friendliest out off all of us. Like me she also likes makeup, but I always discourage her from wearing it, because she is just SOO gorgeous with it. She is girly and a tomboy at the same time.


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